Carpe diem.


Carpe diem, or “seize the day”, is a worthy thought. Live every day as though it were your last day. My next door neighbor died just before Memorial day. There was no warning. He was working on his boat at the marina. Some passing kayakers saw him and tried to do CPR but to no avail. He needed a defibrillator. It is often the difference between life and death. That gives me a thought. Why couldn’t car dealers offer a defibrillator an optional equipment? In quantity, the price would be reasonable and the potential for saving lives would be great. The AED versions can be used by just about anyone. They talk, telling you exactly what to do in case someone collapses. About 15 years ago, I was at a continuing education course in Seattle and at the end of the course, when a handful of people were left there talking, one of the doctors collapsed. We performed CPR but had no defibrillator. That is what we needed. The EMT’s arrived too late to save him. I carry one in my Venza.

A Challege


Sharon and iguana

We filled the tank today.  Over at Costco……good gas and less painful.  19.2 miles per gallon.  Hmmm……too much city driving.  Sharon just thinks I drive inefficiently.  She told me today, “Let me drive the Venza…..see what mileage I get….”  Well……OK…….I’m up to a challenge.

Sharon claims superior mileage in the Prius.

We shall see.

17 May 2011

I have been acquainting myself with the features of the Venza.  At the encouragement of Craig Anderson, the sales rep, I have been using the voice recognition.  I was skeptical at first because of the experience that I had with the 2006 Prius.  I was certain it was “hearing impaired”.  I might say “phone” and it would do something totally non sequitur like turn on the radio.  Or if by accident I did get “phone”, I would try to call “Sharon” and I would give up after a few tries of Karen, Ihren, Lauren, I-5 Toyota, etc.  This new system is not like that.  I say it and it repeats back to me just what I said in “Venza voice”.  Wow!  I really can control the system by talking to it.

I soon realized that I didn’t need to speak to it like it was a recent immigrant and not quite understanding.  It understood normal speaking volume and cadence.  No more Henry Higgins enunciation.  I’m having some fun with this.

First Lecture


7 May 2011

I did my first public lecture since returning to the west coast Thursday night.
Anesthesiology: Dentistry’s Fifth Discipline.

In spite of it being Cinco de Mayo, there was a great turnout. It was very nice, partly due to the fact that the Clark College Foundation found it a symbiotic evernt. Food, wine, collegial chat all made for fine preparation. Daniel Lee, from the foundation was a great help, especially since the AV audio was not working at first. I had to do verbal tap dancing for a few minutes. I used humorous video clips to illustrate points and would have regretted skipping them.  I talked for about 1 hour 45 minutes, having a great time with my old friends. It was a success. I got a call the very next morning from one of the dentists, interested in using anesthesia services in his practice. The Venza will be a key component in my practice. It needs to be reliable, comfortable, all-weather, and integrate well with my gear. I could have used a 110 volt inverter but it only comes with the DVD video that I didn’t need. I may need to check after market vendors.

My wife has been driving the Venza. She said that since it is available right now, she’s going to use it. It was great for hauling a load of books from the Gardner School book exchange over to Powells. They buy used books if they are desirable. The rest will be donated to the “Friends of the Library”. They couldn’t have fit into the Prius.

Veni, vidi, Venza.

3 May 2011

Sharon and I picked up our new Venza today. It was rainy on the way up. We live 70 miles from I-5 Toyota Sharon fired up the MIFI and recounted the NYT and WSJ accounts of the death of bin Ladin off her MacBookAir.

Heidi, the dealership owner, was there to meet us. She thanked us for being patient. They had tried to find a Hybrid Highlander for weeks, unfortunately the weeks following the tsunami in Japan. The only Highlander Hybrids were in the hands of a lucky few dealers and they weren’t letting go of them. Heidi was preparing to send us to a dealer that had one. I told Craig, our sales rep, that as far as I was concerned, the people involved were more important than the specific model. I have always been treated well and I trust them. That is a lot to say when speaking about a car dealer. My alternative car was the Venza. We had been torn between the two but narrowly decided to choose the Highlander.
It was close. The Highlander Hybrid costs significantly more but it has more cargo space and it does get great city mileage. I am just starting my mobile anesthesia practice, so it is unclear if that will be a great advantage. The floor space in the Venza is quite generous with the second row down. The logical analysis says that the Venza has a 30 mpg potential and even if I got less than the rated 25 mpg, it would take many years to make up the financial difference in gasoline expense between it and the Hybrid Highlander. The Highland Hybrid gets 28 mpg city and 28 mpg highway. We also compared the Venza to the new Ford Explorer.  Wow, the Ford is beautifully engineered, as though it were carved out of a single piece of metal. Artfully done. But…..I did feel a little disconnected from the road compared to the Venza. And it is about $10,000 more. So……..perhaps it is meant to be. Veni, vidi, venza. (look it up if you don’t remember your Latin….and yes….venza is not Latin, it is Spanish. The subjunctive of “to conquer”) Davin needed to be picked up from school so Sharon volunteered to wait while the dealer ship put the Zxilon coating on it. They make it seem like bullet proofing. (Too late for you, Osama) Guaranteed that the company will fix any bump, scratch, or tear for the next 5 years. Of course, Zxilon makes real money if buyers forget. Sharon never forgets a warranty.

The Venza is parked in my driveway.

To be continued………….

Hello world!